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COVID-19. Information for Italians and foreigners in light of the recent measures adopted by the Italian Government



COVID-19. Information for Italians and foreigners in light of the recent measures adopted by the Italian Government

The Italian authorities have adopted new measures to tackle the Covid-19 virus. By Decrees of the President of the Council of Ministers dated 8, 9 and 11 March 2020, the measures originally implemented only in selected Italian provinces have now been extended to the whole Italian territory. In particular:

1. People are requested to avoid any unnecessary movement within the national territory as well as to avoid entering or leaving the
country. Exceptions are admitted only for proven work or health-related reasons, and in emergency cases (self-certification form). It is allowed to return to one’s own place of residence.

2. Shops and restaurants will stay closed until March 25, although essential services (such as food shops, pharmacies, petrol stations and banks) are guaranteed. Events, entertainments, sport competitions and all public or private activities entailing public gatherings are suspended. Schools, universities and museums are temporarily closed.

3. It is recommended to respect a distance of at least one meter between one person and another.

4. The original red zones introduced by the earlier Decrees are not in place anymore. The rules are applied uniformly all over the
country and are effective from March 10 until April 3.

These further measures, inspired by the principle of maximum prevention and based upon scientific assessments, would impact substantially on the lives of residents as well as on the Italian economy; nevertheless they are deemed necessary to protect public health.

In light of these provisions, hereby are some information for the Italians abroad and foreign citizens:

- Italian nationals temporarily abroad as well as foreigners residing in Italy can return to their homes in Italy.

- Foreigners and Italians residing abroad are allowed to leave Italy to return to their place of residence.

- Entering and leaving Italy for proven work reasons is allowed.

- Under the present circumstances traveling to Italy for tourism must be avoided. Also to foreigners, once they are in Italy, the same measures described above with regard to the restriction of the freedom of movement in the entire national territory will apply, with the described exceptions for proven work and health-related reasons and emergency cases.


For further clarifications, please check the FAQ page.


Italian citizens interested in special repatriation flights shiuld visit this page (in Italian) for further information.



For what concerns Tourism Visas, the following exceptional rules apply:

A) Applications not yet finalized: the applicants will be contacted by the Embassy or by our Visa Outsourcer – VFS Global – and they will be advised to re-schedule their trip during the course of the next semester. To this end, applicants must submit a new travel itinerary with the new dates. Applicants who otherwise decide to cancel their trip altogether, will be able to withdraw their application without risking a Visa refusal but the visa fees will not be reimbursed.

B) Applications already finalized with the issue of a Visa. This Embassy will consider the possibility of issuing new Schengen Short Stay Visas under the following conditions: the already issued Visa shows a validity from 1st February to 30 June 2020 and has not yet been utilized; the applicant must prove to have postponed - and not altogether cancelled – already booked travels and not to have obtained any reimbursements from Italian travel operators. Should these conditions be met and a new Visa be issued, the recipient will NOT be required to pay again the Visa fees.