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“The Week of the Italian Cuisine in the World” for the first time in Mauritius

The 7th edition of “The Week of the Italian Cuisine in the World” was held for the first time in Mauritius on 13 November, with the participation of the Italian Chef Enrico Rodati and the Mauritian Chef Thiery Goirdin, on the occasion of the concert “from Vivaldi to Puccini” organized with the EU Delegation in Mauritius at the Caudan Arts Centre in Port Louis. Could there be a better opportunity to offer a taste of Italian eno-gastronomic excellences, and of the Italian style and way of life so many appreciate worldwide?

The theme of the 2022 edition, “Conviviality, Sustainability, and Innovation: The Ingredients of the Italian Cuisine for the Health of People and the Protection of the Planet”, is perfectly in line with the culture of the Mauritian people. It emphasizes the importance of healthy and sustainable diet, like the Mediterranean one, as well as the key role of local products, creatively transformed by traditional or innovative recipes and techniques.

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