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Investors potentially interested in investments in Italy will be able to take advantage of the “Investor Visa for Italy” Program

  1. New website

The new website, has been officially online since last year.

This is the first inter-institutional unitary website on the subject of investment attraction, created by the Technical Secretariat of the Foreign Investment Attraction Committee, with the contributions of MIMIT, MAECI, ICE Agency and Invitalia.

The portal presents the main investment opportunities offered by our country in English, with useful in-depth information on 13 strategic sectors for the national economy, on the main bureaucratic requirements and on the incentives available at a national level.

Of immediate use and interest is the section dedicated to settlement opportunities, created thanks to a census conducted for the first time in the area with Regions and Autonomous Provinces. Over 250 public greenfield, brownfield and logistics industrial sites are listed which are immediately available to investors, with detailed elements regarding the square footage, the distance from the main infrastructures and the possible location in areas subject to particular incentives (e.g. Special Economic Zone).

As illustrated in the “About Us” section, foreign investors will also be able to do so by relying on the widespread presence of the diplomatic-consular network, whose contacts for each country are indicated in a specific link that leads the user to the following interactive page of this Ministry


  1. Investor Visa for Italy Program

(For your information, the program is suspended for all Russian and/or Belarusian citizens, see below including holders of multiple citizenships, including one Russian or Belarusian, in compliance with the European Recommendation C (2022) 2028).

As required by law 11 December 2016, n. 232, Investor Visa for Italy allows entry and long-term stay in Italy for non-EU citizens who wish to invest in our country.

Investor Visa for Italy is characterized by reduced investment thresholds and the absence of minimum residence requirements, the indication of a simple PEC address being sufficient. To submit the application, candidates can access the dedicated, maintained portal from MIMIT and available in English at the following address:

More precisely, the visa is granted for investments equal to at least:

  1. a) 2 million euros in government bonds with a residual maturity of no less than two years;
  2. b) 500 thousand euros in a joint-stock company;
  3. c) 250 thousand euros in an innovative start-up included in the official list ( updated weekly;
  4. d) philanthropic donation of at least 1 million euros to support a project of public interest in the sectors of culture, education, immigration management, scientific research, recovery of cultural and landscape heritage.


Visa recipients obtain a long-term biennial investor residence permit and renewable for additional periods of three years, for the entire duration of maintaining the investment.

This program therefore appears particularly suitable for:

  1. a) interested foreign citizens to obtain an entry visa aimed at changing residence and enjoying the regime preferential tax, and
  2. b) foreign investors, not interested in residing permanently in Italy, who intend to obtain the right of access freely to the Schengen area and to stay in Italy at any time.