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Servizi consolari


Servizi consolari

Consular Services

Consular services are furnished on an equal, impartial, efficient and transparent basis.

Consulates ensure all co-nationals protection against the violation of their fundamental rights and the limitation or privation of their personal freedom. They also ensure emergency assistance, help in locating family members, inheritance procedures initiated abroad and for the repatriation of mortal remains.



The Embassy does not accept cash payments anymore.

Payment for all Consular Services and Visas can be made ONLY via Electronic Transfer (EFT).

All bank charges related to the transfer shall be paid by the applicant; therefore the Embassy bank account should reflect the full amount due.

If the amount received by the Embassy is lower than the amount due by the applicant, the requested documents will not be processed,
and the amount paid will not be refunded.

You are kindly advised to double check with your Bank that all charges are paid by the payer.

The reference of the payment has to be the surname of the person requesting the Consular Service, and not of the person making the
payment, should they be different people.


The EFT is to be made into the following account:

Acc. Holder: Embassy of Italy


ARCADIA – 0083 – Pretoria

Bank: First National Bank

Branch Code: 251345 - Brooklyn

Acc Number: 62419825122


Reference: ‘Surname of the person requesting the Consular Service’


The rates of ConsuIar Services change every 3 months according to the exchange rate.

Should you require any additional information, kindly contact the Consular Office on 012-4230024/26/27 or email

For Visa rates, call 012-4230025 or email