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Sportello unico


Sportello unico

One-Stop Shopping

One-Stop Shopping (Sportello Unico) came about as a result of an Agreement signed between the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), the Ministry of Productive Activities (MAP) and the Italian Trade Commission (ICE).  According to the strategic outline more fully described in the Agreement, the entire “Italy System” will be presented abroad as one and with a one-stop shopping experience that is to be a constant point of reference for enterprises. In short it will be a matter of gathering, under a single roof, in every country, all the institutions that promote the Italy System abroad so as to avoid duplications and making interventions more effective, thus increasing the competitiveness of the Italian productive system and providing support to Italian companies abroad.

In South Africa, the One-Stop Shopping plan has been initially set up at an experimental level, located at the offices of the Italian Trade Commission in Johannesburg.  The Italian-South African Chamber of Commerce is located in the same premises. The link with the Embassy is assured by the frequent presence of one of its officials at the One Stop Shopping base. 

In waiting for the relevant Law to be approved, which should give the “One Stop Shopping” experience the necessary resources to be fully operational, the experimental project that was launched in South Africa has been essentially set-up on the basis of a strict exchange of information between the three institutions involved, and coordination amongst each other, with the aim of providing users with services and information based on their respective spheres of competence and in order to avoid any overlapping and scattering of information.