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Development Cooperation


Development Cooperation

Since 2000, the Italian Cooperation realized several programmes in different areas, such as environment, governance, education and in particular health, which has always been considered the key area where to concentrate the majority of resources and initiatives.

The Italian aid to the Country’s health system has mainly been focusing on:
- support maternal and child health;
- health management information system;
- fighting serious diseases at both national and provincial level.

At the moment the ongoing projects are the following:

Bilateral initiatives

The initiative “Program to support the Ministry of Health of South Africa in the implementation of a national program of global response to HIV and AIDS” has been approved by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2006. Through this project, Italy committed 22 millions Euro.

The Italian National Institute of Health was appointed as the agency responsible for implementing the program in South Africa, in partnership with the National Department of Health. Actually the project is entering its final phase and recently took place the last Steering Committee Meeting.

In the last six years, the overall program objective has been to reduce and control the spread of HIV in South Africa. The components are the following:

- Service component: it aims at developing and strengthening the health care services and to reinforce the governance capacity of the health care system;
- Production of good manufacturing component: it established a facility in South Africa, able to produce a recombinant protein vaccine: the Biovac Institute of Cape Town. This has been achieved through technology transfer and knowledge sharing from Italy;
- Vaccine component: it refers to a clinical trial in South Africa, testing a vaccine created by the Italian National Institute of Health. The South African partner is the Medical research Council, which has ensured clinical sites and implementation of the trial.

Project promoted by NGOs

The initiative “Integrated action for a sustainable community Empowerment within the informal settlements of the Buffalo City Municipality” is realized by the NGO Oxfam Italy and has been approved in 2011. The total contribution from the Italian Cooperation worth more than 1,5 millions Euro.

The initiative was launched in 2012 and has the overall objective to enhance the living conditions in the informal settlements in Buffalo City, in particular through activity towards women and children. The intervention has three main components: health and nutrition activities, economic development, with particular focus on micro-credit, and rehabilitation and construction of some facilities.

Oxfam Italy has two partners: the associations Small Projects Foundation, which will carry on the activities linked to the micro-credit, and Loaves and Fishes Network, caring for children affected by poverty, violence and AIDS.