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ITALY. Land of Wonders: the videogame that tells the marvels of Italy to the world



ITALY. Land of Wonders: the videogame that tells the marvels of Italy to the world

ITALY. Land of Wonders is the videogame, downloadable for free from Android and Apple platforms, produced the past summer by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation with the aim to show, in 11 different languages, the beauty and tradition of our Country in an interactive and funny way.

There are 100 different levels to beat, in the classic mechanics of ‘puzzle games’ rebuilt in 3D for a thrilling journey in stages along the regions of the country. The player has to help Elio, the old lighthouse’s keeper who makes the sun rise on Italy at the beginning of the game by illuminating the lighthouse every morning. To make the sun keeping on rising on the Country the player has to collect all around Italy 20 sparks (one for each of the Italian regions) which will allow our wonders to shine every day. A journey through Italian heritage, that crosses Art, Design, Culinary Arts, Nature and Show Business.

Thought for who already knows Italy, but also and first of all for who wants to discover it, ITALY. Land of Wonders is proposed as a travel guide, thanks to 600 texts full of stories, news, curiosities collected in a browsable album, accompanied by original songs, inspired by the great classics of Italian music from opera to baroque to famous soundtracks.

ITALY. Land of Wonders has recorded more than 100.000 downloads worldwide and has been selected by Apple between the best videogame currently in circulation.

ITALY. Land of Wonders arrives now in Italian schools in the world thanks to a html support page with free access which brings unencrypted, to the benefit of teachers and students, all the contents of the videogame. Through this instrument teachers will use the game to facilitate the learning of Italian language.

Moreover, the MFA launched a contest for Italian schools abroad, which has as objective to stimulate new ideas in relation to the possibilities of making use of the videogame in the context of the educational activity. The most creative activities linked to the videogame, put in place by the Italian schools abroad net, will be publicized in the portal “Italiana”, the digital instrument created by Farnesina to promote Italian language, culture and creativity worldwide.

Download now ITALY. Land of Wonders on App Store and Google Play.