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UK and Italy to co-host the COP 26 process



 UK and Italy to co-host the COP 26 process

The British High Commission and the Embassy of Italy are delighted to confirm that the UK, in partnership with Italy, has been unanimously nominated by the UN Western European and Others Group (WEOG) to host the COP 26 (the 26th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change). The candidature will undergo final approval at COP 25 in Santiago (Chile) in December 2019. The UK will host COP 26 in Glasgow at the end of 2020 and Italy will host preparatory events with a focus on youth and Africa.
Climate change is not a distant threat – the effects are being felt now, as South Africa experienced droughts that have affected large parts of the country (and continues in places like Limpopo and the Eastern Cape). The UK and Italy are convinced that there must be accelerated action globally to reduce emissions, protect our environment and adapt to the consequences that we are seeing all over the world. The UN Climate Change process is central to that collective action, and COP 26 will be a milestone for ambition, for cleaner energy, a more resilient future and flourishing nature, supported by green financial systems.
Through their partnership, the UK and Italy are committed to promote during COP 26 ambitious and concrete actions aimed at raising the bar in global action for climate change and the protection of the environment. The simultaneous presidency of G7 (UK) and G20 (Italy) will also support our common efforts towards a more sustainable world.
South Africa is a significant player in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, both in its own right and through its important role in supporting the Africa voice and its membership of influential groups like BRICS and the G20.
As a country that is dealing with the challenge of reducing its emissions while building climate resilience into its economy, the UK and Italy look forward to working locally to support a just transition and internationally towards delivering real ambition at the UNFCCC to help future-proof against changing climates.
Nigel Casey, British High Commissioner to South Africa, said:
“We have a long-standing relationship with South Africa on climate action, both in the run-up to COP 17 in Durban and subsequently, we look forward to strengthening further our engagement as we work towards shaping a COP 26 that delivers outcomes that sets the world on an imperative, high ambition low carbon pathway”
Paolo Cuculi, Ambassador of Italy to South Africa, said:
“The support from our regional group in the UN strengthens our resolve to work together at a global level towards a better world for us all. We are committed to work together with the UK, South Africa and all the international community to achieve tangible results at COP 26 in order to reinforce global action against climate change. The Italian presidency of G20 in 2021 will also be an opportunity to strengthen our common efforts towards these goals”.